Finding Promotional Retractable Banners

Sometimes a good advertisement has to be done away from business in order to gain more business. Promotional retractable banner stands are mobile little devices that are easy to move from one place to another. These banners are meant to draw attention immediately with bold and bright colors, and with modern technology your banner can be customized to have any look that you want. The retractable banner is an inexpensive way to create more buzz about your company, business, or product, and with it you can take the advertisements of your business on the go.

Finding the right promotional retractable banners for your company involves you doing a little research to make sure it fits well with the message you are trying to give to your potential consumers. When using a retractable banner you have to find a color scheme that matches your company. Using a blue and green banner while your business sports the colors black and red most of the time will make the two seem very disconnected and contrast completely with advertising for your company. You should use recognizable symbols as well to gain customer interest. For example if you are running a restaurant and you would like to make a retractable banner try to have it decorated with some of the things on your menu, and make sure they really stand out from the banner to give people something to enjoy to look at.

Double Sided Retractable Banners

Retractable banner stands can be great for business since you can basically place them anywhere for people to see. These banners are usually around the same height of an average person so people will definitely have a hard time trying to overlook it. With a retractable banner you get what any business desires and that is the complete and undivided attention of people.

Promotional retractable banners and signs that you create can do wonders for your business and really get the word of mouth going for it. What you need for it to succeed is a good logo, and a catch tagline for people to easily remember. With that in place you are guaranteed to make an impact on more than just a few people with your retractable banner. These banners are designed to get people to come flocking to you, and many businesses use them at events such as trade shows to help them stand out from the competition.

Good retractable banner stands can help promote you so well that you will outshine your competition and get people to gather around you in large groups. You’ll be able to find these banner stands and more just by checking out this site.  The great thing about gathering large amounts of people is that it will get others to come to see what is going on. When you have a product that you really want to stand behind, and you know that it will do well then using a promotional retractable banner will be just what you need to get people interested in your product, and when all is said and done you can simply take your banner retract it and move on to the next place.

Retractable Banner Stands For Churches

Church Banner Stands
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It does not matter whether you run a mega church or a small town affair but the truth is that the retractable church banner stands are just the ideal product that you need for the church. They are easily affordable and teem on the internet and the good news is that you will love them to no need. If you really have no idea what we are talking about here, you had better log on to the internet and just find the images. After all, they say that images tell more than 1000 words. Since the church is about images and words, you can be sure that these banners come in very handy.

What are the benefits of using the retractable banner stands? Please read on and you will see that the advantages are indeed uncountable.
1. Convenience – just place the banner stands anywhere and they will be good enough. They are so flexible, so light in weigh and when the church is going for crusades and meetings, they can carry their banner stands with them. Since they are so light in weight, then chances are that you do not even notice the weight. Place them anywhere you like on the church ground and you can be sure that the message will get to the faithful and the unfaithful.
2. Budget – That the retractable church banner stands come with a unique roll-up mechanism that hides or unhide the graphics does not mean they will cost you a fortune. In fact, they are so affordable it is amazing. They are the best way for a church to display its faith and topical messages to as many people as possible. The mega churches invest in several such banners and they are so effective.
3. The banners are so effective. They pass the message just right and the good news is that the praise and worship team will now be able to pass on very inspirational messages. It is just amazing how little it takes you to pass inspirational messages to the congregation. You can also print the church mission and welcome message on the banners and everyone who sees them will be impressed. Retractable banner stands carry the day any time with their cost effectiveness and functionality. Spreading the message of the cross to ads many people as possible takes more than the banners, but they are a good place to start.
4. Church banner stands in different sizes and colors too but the chief benefit about them is that they allow you a custom touch. You can get a unique banner that incorporates all the theme colors of your church and inspiring biblical messages. Do not just seek a way to bring people closer to Christ. Do it in style.
5. Heavy vinyl materials used for the banners will last a long time, even when they are exposed to the weather, they will do very well. If you are looking for a way to pass on everlasting messages to the flock, what can beat the church banner stands?

Economical Trade Show Banners

Retractable banner stands are amongst the most famous alternatives for company owners assembling trade show exhibits because of durability and simple transportation. These stands are made with premium quality materials like aluminum or fiberglass steel stands which are fast and simple to assemble. A retractable banner stand comes in a myriad of dimensions; therefore it may be utilized as a powerful display piece even if a trade show exhibitor has limited-space allowed for their booth.

A few of the advantages to a banner from Signworld include fast turnaround times for every order, elevated amounts of easy assembly, product durability and excellent screen printing.

Purchasing Options

Retractable banners are available in a variety of sizes; from tabletop ones just 17 inches large to additional large scale ones measuring more than 80 inches tall. This flexibility enables each client to choose the banner dimensions that’ll fit the greatest with the remainder of their trade show exhibit. An appropriately sized banner can help attract possible sales prospects and create visual interest.

Signworld retractable banner stands can perform lots of help in encouraging your company. These banner stands could be manually put in a particular region in order for individuals to recognize the goods or services being offered. But, before purchasing these stands in Signworld, it’s important to consider unique. The further you purchase, the higher your costs will be this determine first in the amount of banner stands that may be put through your institution.
Cash is definitely a factor in encouraging a company. Consequently, understand how much you really are able and how much you really want for your banner stands. Third, select a style that attracts audience. Produce a draft to the info you require to put within the banner stands. Fourth, efficiently increase the banner stands. Use various methods to encourage the company. Ensure that it’s not going to be removed by anyone, if you’re able to place it everywhere around your place.

Flag Accessories

Cross Base


Flag Cross Base
Flag Cross Base
  • The cross base is a main flag base attachment and it is the base upon which you install the entire flag.
  • You can buy the cross base at most flag supplies stores and at hardware stores and they come in finishes such as chrome, brass and sometimes wrought iron.
  • The cross base is simple to install and maintain unlike the other types of bases used to install flags and banners.
  • Some people decorate cross bases by painting them a different color if they are hanging up a bold-colored flag outdoors or indoors.


Ground Spikes


Ground Spike
Ground Spike For Flags
  • The purpose of a ground spike is to secure a flag or advertising banner into the ground so that the flag or banner will stay in place and not fly off.
  • The ground spike is sturdy enough to go inside thick grass, sand, a muddy surface or other flat surfaces outdoors, which is why this tool is important when installing a flag in certain areas.
  • Some ground spikes can be used for flags up to 16 ft. tall while other types of the ground spike would work for flags that are smaller in measurements. Some stores carry very small versions of the ground spike.
  • The aluminum ground spike is a good choice for those who instal flag poles outdoors because aluminum ground spikes generally do not rust quickly.
  • You can find these at most hardware stores


Water Weight Bag


Water Weight Bag
Water Weight Bag
  • A water weight bag is a bag that is used for the base of a flagpole when you are installing a flag or advertising banner. You would pour a certain amount of water in it in order for the water weight bag to work properly.
  • The purpose of the water weight bag is to help the base and flagpole stand tall and strong and you can find decorative weight bags to complement the flagpole’s color.
  • Water weight bags come in various sizes so you will have many to choose from.


Ways to Get Affordable Flag Accessories Like These


  • One idea is to take advantage of promo codes and online coupons from retailers that sell the above mentioned tools you need for flag or advertising banner. You can also save money on them by visiting local hardware stores and taking advantage of weekly sales.
  • Mail order catalogs sometimes carry flag accessories such as the water weight bag and ground spike.



Getting high quality flag accessories is important when you want to instal a few flags outside your home or business. If you are not sure which brands work the best, read a few reviews of the brands and talk with the salesperson before making a decision. You also want to store the flag accessories in a safe and dry area so the kids will not be injured while near them and that your accessories will last longer. For example, you can reduce rust on your ground spike by keeping it inside a shed.

Django Unchained

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Installing A Banner into a Retractable Banner Stand

I bought some retractable banner stands the other day and had printed some banners out. The instructions on the banner stands can be a little vague and plus we’re not all sign installing experts. However I found this neat video and was able to install my own banner into the banner stand. It was not too hard but I have worked with other retractable banners in the past and most of the time the method is the same.

How To Install Your Banner onto a Banner Stand

  1. There is a spring inside that is wound up and secured by a triangular pin.
  2. You install the top bar onto the actual banner
  3. You then adhere the bottom of the banner into the banner stand leader or tongue * I like to put on some packaging tape between the leader and actual banner*
  4. Hold the banner in place and pull the pin out and slowly guide the banner into the banner stand

That is it.

Here is a quick video I found from the banner stand manufacturer:

Let me know if there is anything else I can add to this to make installing your banner stands much easier. If you are trying to exchange or replace the banner the method is pretty much the same make sure you keep your PIN so that you can put it back in the hole to stop the retraction of the retractable banner so that you may be able to switch out the banner.

Flags Galore

Check out this flag I saw the other day. I think it looks pretty good.

How Important is Foot Traffic?

Foot traffic is those customers that happen to be by your business and are intrigued enough to stop in. You may not realize exactly how much your store traffic depends on foot traffic. Every customer counts! Gaining one or two customers can easily turn into 12 or 15 new customers once those initial two talk to their friends and family.

Grabbing someone’s attention as they hurry by can open the door to a lot of new business. Think of it this way how many times have you ran down the street for one thing than saw a sign that catches your eye and you pop in that store as well?

It happens all the time. Foot traffic is an important part of any store front business according to recent studies it can easily account for 60% of all your business. It is important to convince people that they want to come in and check out what is happening inside.

Drawing in customers out of sheer curiosity is a lot easier than you would think. People respond to visual stimulation. A strategically placed banner that is colorful and intriguing gets people interested and beckons them in doors to your business.

Drumming Up Business

Times are pretty lean with the economy still struggling along so drawing business in from all sources has taken on a new sense of urgency. One of the easiest steps you can take to draw in new business is to set up an outdoor banner stand with an attractive banner.

An outdoor banner stand can be very lightweight yet sturdy so you can easily get it in and out of your business. A portable banner stand is easy to maneuver in and out the door but can withstand outdoor weather! The banner stand is constructed from lightweight material like aluminum and fiberglass. These materials are perfect for outdoor use.

You can use the banner stands for indoor or outdoor use. They are durable enough to sit outside yet attractive enough for indoor use as well!

Grabbing people’s attention as they walk by your business is easy when you have a catchy banner hanging near the front door. You can buy wholesale banners that announce your business or project an image that can be associated with your business.

Easy To Use

Signworld US Inc offers a full range of easy to use portable outdoor banner stands and a full range of wholesale banners. These simple advertising tools can bring business right to your front door. Signworld US Inc can help you to find the right stand and the right banners to fit your business advertising needs.

Advertise the easy way with the products that are available at

Can you afford to lose any more foot traffic? The banners and stands will pay for themselves with the first two customers that walk through the door! Get the tasteful attention grabber that will drive business through your front door from Signworld US Inc. This small affordable investment can earn you big returns.

3 Great Uses for Light Box Displays

Whether you’re in the restaurant business, a budding artist, or a hair salon, your primary goal is likely to attract visitors and customers.  As such, you’ve most likely invested some money into advertising such as billboards, newspaper ads, or sidewalk sides.  One form of great advertising that will attract customers gaze is light box displays.

A light box display is essentially a box which houses a graphic that is illuminated from behind by a light source.  Traditionally fluorescent lighting has been used but due to the numerous benefits of LED technology such as prolonged life, energy savings, and safety factors, LEDs are a popular light source for today’s slim light boxes.  If you’re looking for a way to make your images pop, light box displays may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor light box you’ll be guaranteed to add a new dynamic to your graphics.  Here are 3 great uses for light box displays:

Showcase Your Menu

If you’re in the restaurant business, an outdoor light box can be a great way to draw potential hungry customers in to check out your menu.  By attaching wall mounted slim light boxes just outside your entry way, you’ll increase the chances of catching a passerby’s eyes.  This is especially true at dinner time when the natural sunlight begins to wane – an outdoor light box will allow your menu to pop from your restaurant wall.

Special Promotions

Whatever your business is, running a special promotion is a chance to gain new customers.  However, one of the challenges of running a special promotion is ensuring your potential customers see it.  While traditionally many business set up outdoor sidewalk signs, a better idea is to do the same thing with slim light boxes.  An outdoor light box doesn’t take up much more room than a traditional outdoor sign and they have the added benefit of providing a great visual dynamic that will catch a person’s attention.

Prominently Display Artwork

If you’re an artist displaying your work at a showing or a business owner of an establishment whereby the interior decorating features a large number of graphics, light box displays can provide a little extra flair to your graphics.  For an artist, you’ll be more likely to draw in the much wanted attention to your artwork and add a little extra to your piece.  For the interior decorating aspect, displaying an image in light box displays can provide a centerpiece for customers to look at and can add class to a room.


While there are a number of possibilities for your slim light boxes whether it’s an indoor or outdoor light box, these are some of the best ways to reach out to new customers.  Whether showcasing your menu in an outdoor light box to attract potential passing customers, displaying special promotions to ensure your customers pay attention to it, or to add flair to an interior decoration or artwork, slim light boxes are certain to award you with extra attention from viewers.

Where to Purchase Your Banner Stands

Marketing is one of the most integral components of any organization and is usually given priority even in terms of budget allocation. There are many ways in which companies set up their marketing strategies and the communication tools that they use to get their message across to their customers or potential clients. Banner stands are one of the most popular tools that are used in marketing because of the various benefits that they provide to the organization. To highlight just a few benefits of banner stands is that they are available in a variety of sizes meaning that they are able to hold images of any size as well as information as long as they are arranged well. Furthermore, they are easy to set up as they only need their stands to be placed on a stable floor or area. Banner stands are also lightweight and therefore can be easily carried from one place to another where the information printed on it needs to be seen.

Due to these many benefits that companies are entitled to because of the use of banner stands, many other companies are also starting to invest in the same. There are many types of banner stands that are available in the market with the most common being the retractable banner stands. Retractable banner stands are those that are pulled up or rolled up to reveal the information that is on them, which is usually marketing for a product or service that is being offered by the company. These stands are mobile meaning that they can be moved from one location to another while still rolled up to be able to use the information printed on it for marketing. Retractable banner stands can be easily bought online which is a convenient way to make a purchase especially with advanced technology.

Online stores that sell banners that can be rolled up are many thus providing for the customer a large variety to choose from before making a purchase. They are available in different colors and sizes thereby bringing out a final product that will be to the satisfaction of the client. The numerous online stores also provide an opportunity for customers to compare prices so as to get a good deal on the banners they want to purchase. It is advisable to compare prices as well as the quality provided on different online stores to make sure that the banner will be able to meet the needs that the company wants to be met.

After browsing through a variety of online stores that stock these banners and making a decision on which one to purchase, it is important to read through any online reviews that will give a picture into the kind of products that they offer their clients. As soon as a decision is made, an order can be made from the available options on the website and payment also made through the options provided, which is usually very straight forward.