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Monday’s Movie Reviews

This will be the day film reviews pop up. It will keep me in check to watch and review at least one film a week, maybe two, rarely three. All film reviews can be found under the Archives page.

Tuesday’s Trailer Talk

Simple really. Trailers have become miniature movies unto themselves. Fans salivate at hearing a new trailer will be released and flock to the internet to watch it over and over again before the actual film opens. Some trailers are golden, some are garbage, but the art of the trailer is a fascinating subject to discuss. Click here for previous posts of Tuesday’s Trailer Talk.

Wednesday’s Weekly TV Wrap

I’ve started watching a lot more t.v. recently. So on Wednesdays I’ll review the past week’s shows that I watched, from the previous Wednesday to Tuesday. This feature will inevitably change with the seasons, and if I hit a temporary lag in t.v. viewing, I’ll replace it with something else until things pick back up. Click here for previous posts of Wednesday’s Weekly TV Wrap.

Thursday’s Three

This will be list day, but items may not necessarily be listed in any particular order and may not necessarily be the “Best Of”.  It’s basically of list of three things that have something, no matter how small, in common. Click here for previous posts of Thursday’s Three.

Friday’s New Feature Films

This is the day I’ll unfairly pre-judge all the new theatrical releases for the week without having seen them. Click here for previous posts of Friday’s New Feature Films.

Saturday’s Soapbox

This feature is where I’ll give link love to fellow movie bloggers and suggest you check out a particular review, editoriral, etc. they have published. Click here for previous posts of Saturday’s Soapbox.

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