Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector Review


Tired of having to pay hefty speeding tickets on the highways and looking for a detection system that’ll give you foolproof protection from all kinds of radar and laser detectors being used by law enforcement? Cobra High-Performance Radar and Laser Detector will provide you complete protection and you’ll never have to pay another speeding ticket.

State of the Art Protection

Cobra XRS9370 Detector combines several high-tech features to give an all-around, reliable protection from all kinds of radars as well as RDD technology being used. With 360-degree protection that can detect radar on the front side as well as the rear, the Cobra XRS offers coverage and protection like never before. It also has a digital signal strength meter that provides relative proximity from the target. You can also select the City mode when in populated areas to avoid false signals.

n2It makes use of the Xtreme Range Super Heterodyne tech that can detect all fourteen laser bands at great range. Its super-fast sweep technology offers the best advanced warning system to evade even the fastest of radar guns being used. It also provides the latest Radar Gun Pop mode that can detect any radar gun in the proximity of the vehicle. It also provides immunity from RDD technology so that your radar detector won’t be exposed.

IntelliMute Pro

Equipped with the IntelliMute Pro technology, it uses relative speed sensing system to auto mute virtually all false alarms. It also renders the detector undetectable by all available RDDs to provide stealth as well as protection. It also offers complete immunity to VG-2 RDDs.


  • Superfast sweep circuitry provides extra protection range and the fastest possible highly advanced warning system to cover even the fastest of radar guns
  • Pop Mode can detect the latest radar gun
  • Spectre and VG-2 alerts; can alert the user whenever they are under the surveillance of a Spectre I/IV+ or VG2 RDD(radar detector detectors)
  • Highway and City modes let the user select an operating mode that can reduce the frequency of false alarms in dense populations
  • KU band detection can detect the modern KU band radar gun that is being used in Europe
  • Compact unit can identify all of the 14 laser bands at an increased and improved range, compared to its predecessor
  • Ultra-bright data display
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • AutoMute feature
  • Dimmer for nighttime use
  • Laser-Eye 360 degree protection
  • Safety alert; can warn driver of emergency vehicles or road hazards
  • Memory function to remember the user-defined settings
  • FCC compliant product


The Cobra XRS Radar Detector certainly packs a punch with promising great features that provide not only foolproof protection but also offers easy to use features such as Dim mode, volume control and City mode to help drivers adapt to the surroundings with easy to access buttons. Furthermore, it provides all these features at an affordable price.


Source:Best Radar Detectors in 2016