Installing A Banner into a Retractable Banner Stand

I bought some retractable banner stands the other day and had printed some banners out. The instructions on the banner stands can be a little vague and plus we’re not all sign installing experts. However I found this neat video and was able to install my own banner into the banner stand. It was not too hard but I have worked with other retractable banners in the past and most of the time the method is the same.

How To Install Your Banner onto a Banner Stand

  1. There is a spring inside that is wound up and secured by a triangular pin.
  2. You install the top bar onto the actual banner
  3. You then adhere the bottom of the banner into the banner stand leader or tongue * I like to put on some packaging tape between the leader and actual banner*
  4. Hold the banner in place and pull the pin out and slowly guide the banner into the banner stand

That is it.

Here is a quick video I found from the banner stand manufacturer:

Let me know if there is anything else I can add to this to make installing your banner stands much easier. If you are trying to exchange or replace the banner the method is pretty much the same make sure you keep your PIN so that you can put it back in the hole to stop the retraction of the retractable banner so that you may be able to switch out the banner.