How Important is Foot Traffic?

Foot traffic is those customers that happen to be by your business and are intrigued enough to stop in. You may not realize exactly how much your store traffic depends on foot traffic. Every customer counts! Gaining one or two customers can easily turn into 12 or 15 new customers once those initial two talk to their friends and family.

Grabbing someone’s attention as they hurry by can open the door to a lot of new business. Think of it this way how many times have you ran down the street for one thing than saw a sign that catches your eye and you pop in that store as well?

It happens all the time. Foot traffic is an important part of any store front business according to recent studies it can easily account for 60% of all your business. It is important to convince people that they want to come in and check out what is happening inside.

Drawing in customers out of sheer curiosity is a lot easier than you would think. People respond to visual stimulation. A strategically placed banner that is colorful and intriguing gets people interested and beckons them in doors to your business.

Drumming Up Business

Times are pretty lean with the economy still struggling along so drawing business in from all sources has taken on a new sense of urgency. One of the easiest steps you can take to draw in new business is to set up an outdoor banner stand with an attractive banner.

An outdoor banner stand can be very lightweight yet sturdy so you can easily get it in and out of your business. A portable banner stand is easy to maneuver in and out the door but can withstand outdoor weather! The banner stand is constructed from lightweight material like aluminum and fiberglass. These materials are perfect for outdoor use.

You can use the banner stands for indoor or outdoor use. They are durable enough to sit outside yet attractive enough for indoor use as well!

Grabbing people’s attention as they walk by your business is easy when you have a catchy banner hanging near the front door. You can buy wholesale banners that announce your business or project an image that can be associated with your business.

Easy To Use

Signworld US Inc offers a full range of easy to use portable outdoor banner stands and a full range of wholesale banners. These simple advertising tools can bring business right to your front door. Signworld US Inc can help you to find the right stand and the right banners to fit your business advertising needs.

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Can you afford to lose any more foot traffic? The banners and stands will pay for themselves with the first two customers that walk through the door! Get the tasteful attention grabber that will drive business through your front door from Signworld US Inc. This small affordable investment can earn you big returns.