Advertising Flag Accessories

Cross Base

advertising flag accessories cross base

  • The cross base is a main flag base attachment and it is the base upon which you install the entire flag.
  • You can buy the cross base at most flag supplies stores and at hardware stores and they come in finishes such as chrome, brass and sometimes wrought iron.
  • The cross base is simple to install and maintain unlike the other types of bases used to install flags and banners.
  • Some people decorate cross bases by painting them a different color if they are hanging up a bold-colored flag outdoors or indoors.

Ground Spikes

advertising flag ground spike

  • The purpose of a ground spike is to secure a flag or advertising banner into the ground so that the flag or banner will stay in place and not fly off.
  • The ground spike is sturdy enough to go inside thick grass, sand, a muddy surface or other flat surfaces outdoors, which is why this tool is important when installing a flag in certain areas.
  • Some ground spikes can be used for flags up to 16 ft. tall while other types of the ground spike would work for flags that are smaller in measurements. Some stores carry very small versions of the ground spike.
  • The aluminum ground spike is a good choice for those who instal flag poles outdoors because aluminum ground spikes generally do not rust quickly.
  • You can find these at most hardware stores

Water Weight Bag

advertising flag water weight bag

  • A water weight bag is a bag that is used for the base of a flagpole when you are installing a flag or advertising banner. You would pour a certain amount of water in it in order for the water weight bag to work properly.
  • The purpose of the water weight bag is to help the base and flagpole stand tall and strong and you can find decorative weight bags to complement the flagpole’s color.
  • Water weight bags come in various sizes so you will have many to choose from.

Ways to Get Affordable Flag Accessories Like These

  • One idea is to take advantage of promo codes and online coupons from retailers that sell the above mentioned tools you need for flag or advertising banner. You can also save money on them by visiting local hardware stores and taking advantage of weekly sales.
  • Mail order catalogs sometimes carry flag accessories such as the water weight bag and ground spike.


Getting high quality flag accessories is important when you want to install a few message flags outside your home or business. If you are not sure which brands work the best, read a few reviews of the brands and talk with the salesperson before making a decision. You also want to store the flag accessories in a safe and dry area so the kids will not be injured while near them and that your accessories will last longer. For example, you can reduce rust on your ground spike by keeping it inside a shed.