Light Box Displays 3 Great Uses for Them

Crystal Light Box DisplaysWhether you’re in the restaurant business, a budding artist, or a hair salon, your primary goal is likely to attract visitors and customers.  As such, you’ve most likely invested some money into advertising such as billboards, newspaper ads, or sidewalk sides.  One form of great advertising that will attract customers gaze is light box displays.

A light box display is essentially a box which houses a graphic that is illuminated from behind by a light source.  Traditionally fluorescent lighting has been used but due to the numerous benefits of LED technology such as prolonged life, energy savings, and safety factors, LEDs are a popular light source for today’s slim light boxes.  If you’re looking for a way to make your images pop, light box displays may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor light box you’ll be guaranteed to add a new dynamic to your graphics.  Here are 3 great uses for light box displays:

Showcase Your Menu with a Light Box Displays

If you’re in the restaurant business, an outdoor light box can be a great way to draw potential hungry customers in to check out your menu.  By attaching wall mounted slim light boxes just outside your entry way, you’ll increase the chances of catching a passerby’s eyes.  This is especially true at dinner time when the natural sunlight begins to wane – an outdoor light box will allow your menu to pop from your restaurant wall.

Special Promotions with Light Boxes

Whatever your business is, running a special promotion is a chance to gain new customers.  However, one of the challenges of running a special promotion is ensuring your potential customers see it.  While traditionally many business set up outdoor sidewalk signs, a better idea is to do the same thing with slim light boxes.  An outdoor light box doesn’t take up much more room than a traditional outdoor sign and they have the added benefit of providing a great visual dynamic that will catch a person’s attention.

Prominently Display Artwork with Outdoor Light Boxes

If you’re an artist displaying your work at a showing or a business owner of an establishment whereby the interior decorating features a large number of graphics, light box displays can provide a little extra flair to your graphics.  For an artist, you’ll be more likely to draw in the much wanted attention to your artwork and add a little extra to your piece.  For the interior decorating aspect, displaying an image in light box displays can provide a centerpiece for customers to look at and can add class to a room.


While there are a number of possibilities for your slim light boxes whether it’s an indoor or outdoor light box, these are some of the best ways to reach out to new customers.  Whether showcasing your menu in an outdoor light box to attract potential passing customers, displaying special promotions to ensure your customers pay attention to it, or to add flair to an interior decoration or artwork, slim light boxes are certain to award you with extra attention from viewers.